Sports Day Spirit Week Day 3

For day 3 of Spirit Week, it was time for students to get active (and wet!). It was Sport Uniform Day and after lunch we headed outdoors for an afternoon of sports in difficult conditions

 Yes, it was drizzling most the afternoon, but the real challenge was playing our accustomed sports without out accustomed abilities. Football without the sense of hearing nor speech, basketball without the use of one arm. It was all part of our program to raise awareness for special needs students.
 The football matches went well, with all players adjusting to using just hand signals to demand the ball or claim a foul. The hardest part was how to withhold the verbal celebrations after a goal was scored. As for the basketball, the going was a lot harder. Scoring hoops with two hands is hard enough for some of our students. So with just one? Final score: 4-2!
The day was led by organizers Mohit Keswani and Kuba Daniluk. We hope that a lesson was passed on to everyone who took part….cherish what we have, do more with less. Play together.
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Sports Day