Discount Policy


Parents may choose one of the following options:

1) Every year a student remains at I.A.S., he/she will receive a 2% discount
2) Additional family members will receive a 5% for the 2nd child, 10% for the 3rd child and 15% for the 4th child

3) If the tuition fee is paid in full as a one-time payment before the 15th of August, there is a 6% discount

*Discounts do not add together. Parents may choose one option of discount that they are eligible for


Sibling Discounts  

2nd Child


3rd Child


4th Child


IAS Administration is happy to announce a new policy that can help you save on your child's tuition, while also building ties within our school community. As you know, IAS offers discounts  on tuition for parents with two or more children enrolled. We are now introducing a new incentive program in the form of “referral” discounts. Here's how it works: parents who recommend IAS to other families will receive an extra one-off yearly 3% discount on their tuition fees should that family enroll at IAS.

We feel that nobody knows the strengths and merits of IAS better than you. Therefore, we'd like to reward you for introducing other families to IAS and helping to broaden the school community as a whole.
If you have any questions about the new referral policy, please don't hesitate to call the office. We appreciate your support.