.b is a Mindfulness program for students that provides tools to build attention and greater self awareness. The 10 week program is comprised of 45 minute sessions that are engaging, intuitive and practice based, with aims to help young people gain a quiet mind, better concentration, reduced stress, and more energy.

".b" means "Stop, Breathe, and Be". The program is carefully crafted for the teenage audience, with striking visuals, film clips and guided activities that bring clarity to a cluttered mindspace (and world).

To read more about .b, please visit the Mindfulness in Schools Project website; www.mindfulnessinschools.org. And for a broader overview of Mindfulness, please visit this website from the Mental Health Foundation:www.bemindful.co.uk.


Over 700 teachers are currently conducting the .b Mindfulness course in the UK with resoundingly positive results. Queried students have said that Mindfulness training has helped them not only with stress, anxiety and relationships, but with concentration in lessons, better sleep, and even with athletics and creativity.

For all of technology's advances, the end result for many young people is a conditioned short attention span, poor habits and low energy. Mindfulness tilts the scales back to a balance.

About the teacher

Matthew Krasner is a writer and educator. He received his Masters degree in Liberal Arts from the St. John's College in Santa Fe New Mexico and studied with Anne Waldman at the Naropa University of Fine Art in Boulder Colorado. He received his .b Mindfulness certification at The Sanctuary in Dublin Ireland. His teaching practice spans thirteen years and is guided by spontaneity, humor and a knack for opening students to their own talents.

 Matthew is currently the Faculty Head at the International American School of Warsaw. He teaches courses in IBO English, creative writing and .b Mindfulness.

Contact information

To discuss this program in more detail, please feel free to contact Matthew at matthew.krasner@ias.edu.pl. Courses are organized at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Or contact the school directly at +48 22 649 1440