Trip to Stockholm and Riga

44 students from IAS joined a 4 day trip to Latvia & Sweden led by four teachers and two guides. They started from Warsaw around 7am on the 3rd of October and they had a joyous & fabulous trip to Riga, Latvia.

They visited the Old town in Riga where they saw St. Peter’s church, House of the brotherhood of blackheads, Town hall, Cathedral Square and the Cathedral of St. Mary, which is the largest church in the Baltic States. Students also visited Castle of Riga and the Parliament - former building and fragments of the defensive walls with Powder Tower.

 Next day they started the Cruise on MS Isabelle, which is a cruise ferry owned and operated by the Estonia-based Tallink. Isabelle had a great variety of on board restaurants, meeting different tastes and preferences. Students got the chance to have breakfast and dinner with 90 varieties of dishes! At the kids sections, students had team building activities, games and competitions. As the weather was good, students were able to admire the breathtaking scenery with sunshine, and in the night they could admire the stunning Baltic Sea!

 In Stockholm students had guided city tour where they visited City hall, Royal Palace, old town, Gamla Stan and Vasa museum. At Vasa museum they had a history lesson about the Vasa ship which sank in Stockholm in 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvaged. Today Vasa is the World’s only preserved 17th century ship and the most visited museum in Scandinavia. Later, they visited the old town where students got time for shopping to buy souvenirs for their near & dear ones.

 The last day, on the way back to Warsaw, they visited Jurmala which is the most famous seaside resort in Latvia. They all reached back to Warsaw safe and sound in the night of 6th October.

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