1.  Is the registration fee refundable, and when is the deadline for paying the registration fee?

The registration fee is non-refundable; the deadline for paying the registration fee is the end of June.


2. Is the registration fee payable every year?

Yes, the registration fee must be paid every year.


3. Is the registration fee included in the whole amount of tuition fee?

Yes, the registration fee is included in the whole amount, and it doesn’t increase the total amount of tuition fee.


4. Are the discounts added up?

No, the discounts are not added up, maximum discount which can be granted is 7%.


5.  What is the notice period of the educational school agreement, and in what form should it be submitted?

Parents are entitled to terminate the agreement within a 2-month notice period. It should be submitted in a letter form. Parents are obliged to pay the tuition fee for the notice period.


6.  How many months is the tuition fee payable?

The tuition fee is payable for 10 months. The school in closed during the summer months (July, first half of August)


7.  What is included in the tuition fee all education is included.

The additional fees for school are for books, lunch and transport (if you choose), and school trips.