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Welcome to the Primary School Page

Upper Primary at IAS spans from ages 9-12 and covers 1st - 6th grade. Students in the Upper Primary at IAS begin taking lessons in the main building at Dembego 18. This is a new environment in which they are led by their student council and taught by different subject teachers who are each experts in their respective fields. Throughout the day students remain in their homeroom classroom for most of their lessons and teachers for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, and German come to them and challenge them to become critical thinkers using inquiry based, hands-on lessons so that all learners are engaged. These fundamental learning skills students will take with them through the Middle School and High School all the way to University and beyond. With direct access to the school's ICT Computer Lab, art center and science laboratory, Upper Primary students become fully engaged in the creative and learning process. Students are encouraged to use their powers of observation and deduction to gain empirical knowledge through investigation and compare and contrast this information with what they read and hear. Students begin learning how to teach themselves.

Students in the Upper Primary express themselves in more and more unique and creative ways through projects, performances, presentations and competitions throughout the year. Students are also supported by the school community to express their individuality and ethnic heritage. As we are an international school, tolerance and acceptance of all is instilled in everyone and permeates everything we do. This ability to live, work and grow together is the ‘spirit’ of IAS.

About Us

Children from the IAS Lower Primary 1st to 3rd grade are located in the "small school" building on ul. Dembego 12. Whereas located in the main building, ul. Dembego 18, the IAS Upper Primary welcomes children from 4th through to 6th grade. The Middle School is designed to provide an intimate and positive learning environment for all students. Small class sizes and a student-teacher ratio of 3-1 provide an exceptional atmosphere for one-to-one teaching, where educators can focus on the specific needs of each individual student and effectively differentiate lessons to challenge all learners.

Upper Primary Profile

IAS Upper Primary welcomes all students seeking a diverse international education experience. Over 20 nationalities are represented in our Upper Primary levels. Most students come from families of diplomats, multinational businesses as well as a very healthy local constituency (about 50%). Students come to IAS from as far as Korea, Nigeria, the US and India. Not only do students come from around the word, but the teaching staff also offers a wide variety of cultural backgrounds including American, Indian, Gambian and British, to name a few.  

Fourth Grade    – 9-10

Fifth Grade      -  10-11

Sixth Grade     -  11-12

*Classroom placement depends on age at the actual time of enrollment as well as other factors, such as language skills, special needs, academic background and abilities.

Core Curriculum

Our curriculum combines the best practices and varying aspects of the Polish, American and International education systems.

Core Subjects

English Language


Sciences – physics, biology and chemistry

Social Studies – History and geography

Second languages – PSL, German and French




Information and Computer Technology

Physical Education



Students from the 4th grade take general sciences and social studies. Once they enter the 6th grade, they begin to take history and geography as separate subjects in order to provide an in-depth approach to each discipline. This is also a prerequisite for the more challenging middle school and high school levels. As well they begin taking German lessons in the 4th grade, and have the opportunity to study French in the 6th grade and continue this into their high school diploma program. Polish nationals are required to take Polish language, Polish history and Polish biology.  

Class Highlights


The last 2012-2013 school year at I.A.S. was an exciting year for fourth graders! Besides making huge strides in reading comprehension, writing, and speaking English, the fourth graders created eye-catching projects and delivered interesting presentations. They worked hard on their public speaking skills and learned how to organize information to put into presentations. They journeyed to the edge of our Solar System through reading and multimedia and discovered the wonders of the planets and their moons during a four week unit on Earth and Space science. They explored the five regions of the United States of Americain Social Studies class, and produced presentations and models showing the early history of the U.S.A.and models of Native American Indian villages. The fourth graders had many opportunities to earn silver stars and extra points for prizes that rewarded their hard work.
The fourth graders also partook in fun field trips throughout the year: the Green school field trip to Torun in October, trips to the Multikino theatre in Ursynów, a visit to the Museum Ethnograficzne in February, Kabaty Forest clean-up for Earth day in April, and the highlight of the year was the Kabaty Picnic field trip and barbecue in May. At the Kabaty Forest barbecue picnic the students learned how to build and maintain a safe and controlled fire, and how to cook outdoors on an open flame.
The fourth graders did their part in creating colorful decorations for school events. They made the classroom a winter wonderland for Christmas, and raised a good amount of money for our school's local charity. They created a spooky and colorful haunted classroom for the I.A.S. school Halloween party, and had a blast on the school's first day of spring party. The 2012-2013 school year was filled with tremendous growth and great memories for the fourth graders. They look with anticipation and excitement for what the next school year has in store for them at theInternationalAmericanSchool ofWarsaw.


In the school year 2012/2013 the 5th graders counted 16 students from all over the world: Poland, India, Turkey, Korea, Slovakia, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Romania, and Bangladesh.

5th graders were active participants of cultural life in our school. In this school year 5th grade took part in many interesting trips. In November we visited theTechnologyMuseumat thePalaceofCultureinWarsaw. Students became familiar with the evolution of technology from its most primary state: the wheel. They learned a lot about evolution of transportation. 5th Graders also had the chance to admire the entire panorama ofWarsawcity from the 30th floor of thePalaceofCulture. In December, the 5th graders organized Santa Clause Day and exchanged gifts with their classmates. Many 5th Graders also took part in the Annual IAS Christmas Show. They performed plays , sang and danced to celebrate the spirit of Christmas time. On the first day of Spring we went to the Multikino Ursynow for the movie "The Great & Powerful Oz". In March we celebrated Earth Day and took part in the annual action of cleaning the world. This year we focused on our back yard:KabatyForest. In May we visited the Warsaw ZOO. Students had an opportunity to see many wild species that they had learned about during their science lessons.

5th Graders love competitions!
We won the cleanest classroom competition after Halloween party in October. We took part in Egg Drop Competition in April , and the Easter Egg Hunt before Easter break. 5th graders had a lot of fun during the Spirit week that was organized this year.They all dressed up for Twins Day, Formal Day, Crazy Hair/hat Day and Sports Day as well. We hope next school year will be another great success for our class!



The Grade 6 batch during 2012-2013 was a set of enthusiastic and adventurous students coming from six nationalities, but all sharing common interests and ideas. It was a good year for us to mentor and guide our students through the year and take them out for different educational trips.

The first field trip for the school year was a visit to the museum in ‘Palaceof Scienceand Culture’ where students participated and were inquisitive about the invention of devices used in the past. They also enjoyed the panoramic view of Warsaw from its 30th Floor. The next event following was celebrating Mikolajki. Students exchanged gifts and enjoyed an animated movie in Zloty Tarasy.

With the onset of winter the class decided to go for a cross-country skiing trip into the Kabaty forest  to get a chance to try their skiing abilities and have fun in the snow. Then came the Christmas celebrations in which Grade 6 participated with full enthusiasm along with other students of the school. Our adventurous students then proposed to go on a biking day trip to Powsin park at the onset of spring, which was very enjoyable for all. Another activity taken up by Grade 6 students was an awareness walk to the Kabaty forest on ‘Earth day’. The students also enjoyed an International food festival during their English lesson with Mr. Johnson. As a grand finale celebration the students presented their version of the X factor ‘Talent Show’ during International Day. 

We had a class photograph as a remembrance of the school year in May which each student could now turn back to and relive the moments we spent together as a class.

School Life

After-school clubs give teachers and students alike the opportunity to get to know one other even better. Each teacher in the Middle School leads a club based on their personal interests and expertise. This gives each student the opportunity to get to know both students and teachers from other classes as well as explore an extracurricular activity in a friendly environment. Club offerings change yearly based on interest and availability. Clubs typically include offerings such as: dance, robotics, games, music, football, and video production. 

Academic Celebrations
The development of the curriculum each year is often put on display when it comes to the friendly academic shows and competitions that take place throughout the year. During this year’s Egg Drop competition, for example, there were amazing displays of engineering devoted to designing a capsule that would protect an egg from a ten, twenty and even thirty foot drop! Other school wide events, such as the Kangur Math Competition and Earth Day cleanup projects, give students the ability first to work together to show off what their class has learned, and to show appreciation for the work of their schoolmates. 

Field Trips 
Field trips and short excursions are designed to make the community a part of the classroom. In each grade during middle school, teachers follow lesson plans that introduce relevant and useful topics to students. Workshops in locations such as the Copernicus Science Museum, Ethnography Museum and local theaters bring the sciences and arts alive. Such experiences give students an introduction to the art and music created by other cultures, as well as the opportunity to harness their own creativity and engage in traditional musical or artistic pursuits. Excursions to locales such as the local gardens and the famed Lazieki Park give teachers the freedom to run science lessons and experiments beyond the walls of a classroom. 

In-School Student Workshops 
Throughout the school year, the grades 7-9 also invite members of the community into the school. From dedicated parent volunteers who devote their time and expertise to our development, to specialists in a variety of fields, our students enjoy numerous opportunities to learn from members of the community without even leaving the school. While each class enjoys regular art and music classes taught by our very own specialist teachers, the middle school program is also devoted to providing its students with a diverse experience of culture and the arts. Therefore in-school workshops are led by local specialists as often as possible. These workshops enrich our program by allowing students to fully engage in the arts being offered; in addition to listening to the expert artists, engineers and diplomats discuss their projects, or demonstrate knowledge, these people lead the students in exercises which help them explore their own values. Visiting workshops and performances have included: musicians, ambassadors, dance troupes, story tellers, and martial artists and dramatists. 

Special Events
Both Polish and international holidays are celebrated in style in IAS’s middle school program, giving intellectual development and academic celebrations equal weight. Annual holidays such as Halloween, Valentine's Day and Carnival are delightfully spooky and colorful celebrations in our school. Such themes provide ample opportunity for both celebration and exploration in every grade level. Each year, all homerooms write, produce, direct, rehearse and then perform for the entire school community at our end of year International Day Celebration.