IAS Times newspaper

The IAS Times is the official student newspaper of the International American School of Warsaw. 

Conceived in 2008, the newspaper is developed and created by a team of student journalists with a senior editing staff.  Issues run quarterly and cover a range of themes, including columns on world and Polish news, IAS community news, local Warsaw culture, teen interest, student opinion, fiction and poetry.  The paper also features an insert devoted to photo journalism, thus providing for a contemporary and full expression of the school voice.  While the paper chooses material that focuses on the point of view of student journalists, it aims to reach an unlimited readership in Warsaw, including members of the international community.  Please review some of the archived editions to judge for yourself the quality of the IAS Times!

"MEET THE WRITERS" - IAS Times Writers’ Bios:

1. Nnenna Josakweker:


Hello, my name is Nnenna Josakweker and I am one of the writers for the IAS Times magazine. I came to IAS only last year, making this the second year I'll be writing in the school newspaper. I was an advice columnist; I usually wrote about “troubles being teen" and basically gave advice for problems we teens face, whether emotionally, academically or generally. This year my column will not be the same as the previous year, as I will be trying to do something different and new. I don't know how that'll turn out for me, but I'll see how far I can go. I'll try my best, so please stay in touch with the "IAS Times" team! Read our columns! If you are too lazy, then just skim and scan. Anything! As long as you pick up this magazine and take a look, so as to show us our efforts are not in vain.

2. Razan Al-Enezi:

Hello, I'm Razan. I've only started writing for the IAS newspaper recently because I thought that it'll raise my grades, but imagine my surprise when I found out that it doesn't give any extra grades and never did/will. I'm not quitting it though because now that I'm in the IB program, it's a great tool for achieving CAS hours. Anyways, I mostly write about anything crime related because it’s a subject which interests me, but if that doesn't interest you, well...

3. Amber Wazacz: